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JDH announces construction of a new grain handling facility in Stratford, Texas

January 17, 2024

Today, JDH, an established family-owned company since 1886, proudly announces its plans to construct an agricultural unit train receiver outside of Stratford, Texas, located in Sherman County. This strategic move marks a major step forward in JDH’s commitment to expanding its service capabilities and contributing to the Texas Panhandle’s economy. JDH is fortunate to have been an integral part of this region for nearly two decades and looks forward to continuing our professional presence in this community.


Illustration of the state of Texas with a marker on Stratford, Texas. Concentric rings radiate out from the marker.


The new facility will be served by BNSF Railway, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. “We are looking forward to serving the customers of JDH in transporting vital agricultural products across our network,” said Angela Caddell, BNSF group VP of agricultural products. “We are always proud to expand our reach in supporting the local agricultural community, by helping to safely and efficiently move products that our nation so heavily relies upon every day.”

Scheduled to be operational in 2025, the facility is expected to become an important asset for the local community, farmers, and beef, dairy and hog producers. JDH expects the facility to generate economic growth, create employment opportunities and continue providing our quality service to JDH’s customers. The company has designed the extra-capacity loop track to allow for additional rail-based business to co-locate at the premises in the future.

JDH President and Chief Operating Officer, Aaron Reid, shared his excitement for the project: “Construction of the new facility in Stratford will allow JDH to continue to deliver exceptional service to our customers while providing new opportunities for economic growth and employment in the area.”

JDH’s decision to invest in this new facility is reflective of its ongoing commitment to growth and excellence in the agricultural industry. The company is confident that this project will reinforce its position as a leader in the sector while also benefiting the surrounding regions of Stratford, Texas.